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About Mandie


I am a professional fixer, project manager, operations enthusiast, and list-checker. I get satisfaction from a job well-done, well-prepped, well-executed, and well-evaluated.  

Continuous improvement gets my creative wheels turning. My lengthy professional experiences have positioned me to be able to tackle most any issue that needs improvement, with my focus being (but not limited to) working with Head Start/Early Head Start agencies on data management and integrity in the ChildPlus system. 


Creating modules, reports, and aligning processes makes work significantly easier! I develop systems to synthesize

supply ordering, staff training and credentials, inventory, and security. Further, I work with clients to revamp their application process and move to an electronic system. I am not affiliated with ChildPlus, but I believe ChildPlus's ability to individualize and create modules creates efficiencies and can solve a lot of problems for agencies! I am an accomplished trainer and on-boarder to the ChildPlus system, as I truly believe proper training and on-boarding can prevent a lot of problems in the future. In addition to my work in ChildPlus, I am also a Focus Area 2 Reviewer Consultant with DLH/Danya. Let's talk about how your current practices align with the current HS Monitoring System.

My experience in senior leadership roles with non-profits means I know how to balance the needs of the program within restrictions of funding or programming. Let’s evaluate where you are and make plans for where you want to go.


I'm a proud Mainer, born and raised. I grew up in the Bangor area and attended the University of Maine, Orono, where I completed a B.S. in Secondary Education, English Concentration, and a M.Ed in Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction with a focus on Literacy. 

I live in Belfast, Maine, with my husband, our two kids, and three dogs.

 Charismatic and easy to work with 

"Mandie tackled numerous projects for our Head Start program--the most impactful of which was leading the transition to the ChildPlus database, including training, and implementation for our staff of 50+.  She's organized, charismatic, and easy to work with."

Jessie F.

Early Childhood Program Director 

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