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A head start on strategy

Because data-based decisions
are only as good as the data.

Sawyer Consulting Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in data management in the Head Start and Early Head Start industry. We partner with agencies and programs to innovate and systematize data collection methods and strategies. SCS consultants use their experience to design systems individualized for your agency’s needs. 


Our Services

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to empower your organization at every stage of its journey. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, enhance your training & technical assistance efforts, or optimize your data systems, our experienced team is here to guide you.


Need a thought partner for objective feedback? We love strategy and brainstorming! We've tackled structural re-orgs, expansion, efficiency, research, intentional hiring, and more. Unsure where to start? Let's tackle the issue together and find solutions. 


Our enthusiastic consultants are here to support your training needs with custom, engaging sessions. We can deliver the presentation, prepare the training for you, or review your materials before the big day. We focus on clear, concise training with excellent reference documents tailored to your agency.


ChildPlus has nearly 80% market share, and we love helping programs new to or migrating to ChildPlus. Switching systems can be daunting, but we’re here to support you with full implementation, work plans, build-outs, training, and more.


Got data woes with PIR, spreadsheets, or process documentation? Our expert ChildPlus consultants can save you time and ensure data integrity. From data clean-up to revamping ERSEA systems, no project is too small or too complex. Let's partner together to get you the data you need!


Our consultants elevate Early Head Start and Head Start programs through targeted support and innovative solutions. We collaborate with your staff to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies for lasting change, empowering programs to achieve their full potential and provide top-quality early education for children and families.


Ready for your Focus Area 1 or 2 review? Our consultants help organize, strategize, and support your staff to feel confident and prepared. Choose from an on-site week with your management team and classroom visits, or virtual prep and mock reviews. You'll receive planning resources and quick guides for both options.

One of the most refreshing voices in the sea of data and documentation

One of the most refreshing voices in sea of data and documentation I have heard in a long time! Great job presenting to Native American, American Indian and Alaskan Native families and those who server the population!

S. Hawkins

Head Start Director, Arizona

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