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Hot Off the Press: Changes are Coming in ChildPlus Update 6.6

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If you’ve logged into ChildPlus recently, you’ll see a new announcement related to ChildPlus 6.6. The announcement focuses on changes to Attendance. If your program is currently using the Attendance App, Attendance on ChildPlus desktop, or your program has plans to begin implementation of electronic attendance through ChildPlus, you’ll want to plan before this version becomes available.

One of the key features of the ChildPlus update 6.6 is the significant improvements to the Attendance module. With these enhancements, programs will be able to enter attendance details more efficiently, access emergency contacts quickly, capture and view parent signatures digitally, and track meals served to participants, among other features. These updates are designed to simplify attendance tracking and improve data accuracy, ultimately leading to more efficient program management. 

To prepare for the new version, here are five steps you can take: 

  • Take advantage of access to the Preview Database: ChildPlus is offering a Preview Database where you can try out the new attendance features before the official release. Request access from your agency's ChildPlus administrator and use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new features and updates. 

  • Communicate with Staff and Partners: Keep your staff and partners informed about the upcoming changes and the benefits they will bring to the program. This will help build excitement and ensure everyone is on board with the transition. 

  • Review and Update Data Entry Procedures: Take this time to review your program's data entry procedures and update them as necessary to align with the new features of ChildPlus update 6.6.  

  • Schedule training with impacted staff: You’ll want to incorporate training for staff to ensure they are prepared to utilize the new features effectively. Consider giving user access to the Preview Database for staff to use during the training. 

  • Plan time for corrections and technical assistance: After the roll out, ensure you make dedicated time to check in with staff for any technical assistance, continue to update procedures as the version rolls out in your program and continue to communicate with staff and partners as changes occur. 

By taking proactive steps to prepare for the ChildPlus update 6.6, you can position your Head Start program for success. Embrace the new features and enhancements as opportunities to improve your program's efficiency and effectiveness. Stay informed, communicate with your team, and be ready to make the most of the new version when it arrives. 

Interested in learning more about this topic or other ways you can improve your program? The team at Sawyer Consulting Solutions is here to help you showcase all the amazing ways your program supports the community. Schedule a free, no-obligation, no-cost discovery call with us today. 

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